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Echo has several new rods for 2017, and they've hit it out of the park! Most of the new Echo Fly Rods available now. We saw these rods and had a chance to cast them recently, and in our opinion Tim Rajeff and company have put together a tremendous line-up. The new lineup features rods that excel on the trout stream, in warmwater, and saltwater. We were very impressed with how these rods performed, as well as how well the cosmetics were executed. Here are some details on each of the new rods.

Echo Trip Series - 8 Piece Travel Rod 5, 6, and 8 Weight

The New Echo Trip rods will go anywhere! But just as important- they cast very well. Unlike other travel rods that are exceedingly heavy and devoid of feel and action, the new Echo Trip hardly feels different than your 4 Piece Rods. An a great choice for frequent flyers, backpacking, or for stowing under the seat of your car. We've had the opportunity to throw a fair number of rods that have more than 4 pieces, and have honestly never been as impressed at any price point. Many of the 5 piece and up rods feel quite dull, have many flat spots, and lack the 'life' of a quality fly rod - not the Echo Trip. Light, crisp, and loads of fun to cast - never be with out a fly rod! Shop for Echo Trip Series Fly Rods

Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rods

Echo Fly Rods- Bad Ass Glass They got the name right on this one for sure. Bad Ass Glass takes fiberglass back to your big game pursuits. Bass, Pike, Musky, Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon are all going to be found in the crosshairs of the Bad Ass Glass. If you love the smooth loading power of glass and you love to chase big prey, you will love this rod. With the popularity of pike fishing in our neck of the woods, we're stoked on these rods for chasing toothy critters and throwing big flies! Bad Ass Glass turns over big flies with ease, and has plenty of lifting power to boot. Also, these rods are a ton of fun to fish! Shop Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rods ECHO Bad Ass Glass from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

Echo Dry Fly Rods

Echo Fly Rods- Dry Fly Rod Sometimes you need a rod that loads in close and fishes very well out to medium distances. A rod that balances power, accuracy, and the right amount of load for great presentations. Enter the Echo Dry Fly Rod - available in 9' 2 - 6 weights. A lot of folks are always looking for the fastest and most powerful fly rod on the market, but we've found that oftentimes a fly rod that has a lot of feel at average fishing distances is advantageous, especially on the smaller streams of the Black Hills. We had a chance to cast this rod and were very pleased with its action and accuracy. Perfect for our streams, and we can see it being a pretty slick dry fly rod for the Bighorn River as well. Can't wait to fish a Baetis or Trico hatch with the Echo Dry Fly Rods! Shop Echo Dry Fly Rods ECHO Dry from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

Echo EPR Fly Rods

Echo Fly Rods - EPR Saltwater Fly Rod The New Extreme Precision Rods from Echo really wowed us when we got a chance to cast them. Excellent power and a great action. This is a serious stick for chasing big warmwater species (bass, pike, musky, and carp) and a killer tool for working the flats. These rods are going to be the cat's meow for pike fishing, as well as for fishing the Missouri in the spring for White Bass, Smallies, and Walleyes. While these are at the top end price-wise for an Echo Rod, we feel this series offers tremendous value when placed against premium rod brands saltwater series. If you were blindfolded and cast the Echo EPR, I'd be willing to bet you couldn't tell the difference between it and a rod twice the price. If you want power, distance, and accuracy - even at shorter distances - look no further than the EPR rod designed by Pat Ehlers. Shop Echo EPR Fly Rods ECHO EPR from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

Echo Carbon Xl - 8'4" 4 Weight now Available! - Echo Fly Rod

The revamped Carbon Series rods made a big splash in 2016. One rod missing for a while was the 8'4" 4 weight, and it's been very anticipated. Many anglers have been waiting for this model to arrive and it finally has! The Carbon XL series have proved themselves to excellent rods for small to mid sized streams. The Carbon XL Series rods are tailor made for making accurate and effortless casts, and we think this rod is going to be a great all-around rod for the Black Hills at a fantastic price! The 8'4" 4 weight makes an awesome all purpose small to mid sized stream rod. This model is is bound to be another classic Echo Fly Rod. Shop Echo Carbon XL Rods ECHO Carbon XL from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

New Fly Lines- Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Lines

Want a line that is Super Slick and casts a mile? Also want one that is tested to last up to 60% longer than any other fly line? Look no further than the new Scientific Anglers Amplitude Fly Lines. If you want the very best in fly lines, this is the one for you. Based on an improved GPX taper, the Amplitude MPX is the ultimate freshwater fly line. Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Lines
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