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Tippet Rings are small stainless rings that provide a junction between leader and tippet. A tippet ring knotted to the end of a tapered leader makes tippet changes quick and easy. Tippet rings also prevent the shortening of tapered leaders. To use a tippet ring on a tapered leader, simply attach it with an improved clinch knot. Then attached your desired tippet to the ring, also with an improved clinch. When your tippet is used up, clip off the remainder and tie a new piece to the tippet ring. 

Tippet rings are also very handy in Euro nymphing or czech nymphing. Place a tippet ring in your Euro nymph rig in place of a traditionally tied dropper tag. Attach a 4-6" piece of tippet to the ring as a dropper tag. When the tag is too short to change flies you can easily add a new piece. 

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