Terrestrials in November?

Normally we've had a fair amount of snow by this point in the fall, but so far it's been darn warm and dry. While we are always happy for any kind of moisture, the warmer conditions have made for some incredible fishing! Hans has been out a couple times in the last few days, and has found the fish to be acting a little strange. Typically by November the trout on Rapid Creek through town are focused on midges and BWO's, with the odd worm or something subsurface. This year, the trout through town have a hankerin' for Hippie Stompers, and big ones at that! I was on the phone with Hans earlier, and he hooked three fish while fishing with one hand over the course of a couple minutes on the phone. Not bad. Most people would consider that pretty good fishing, let alone in November right in the city limits! It looks as though we're going to get a bit of snow later this week, so this might be your last chance to get out and fish flies of the terrestrial variety until next summer. I'd get out and get your last fix in before the snow flies. The fishing through town will continue to be fantastic throughout the winter however, especially when the midge hatches of January and February get fired up. The fishing on Rapid Creek through town is one of our favorite resources in the Black Hills, mostly because of the convenience factor involved. Wild brown trout three blocks from downtown Rapid City is pretty darn cool if you ask us. Here's the tying video for the Hippie Stomper - you definitely don't want to be without this fly during terrestrial season in the Black Hills. It was one of my best flies, and I know the other guys had the same experience. Get out and raise a few fish up to a big terrestrial in November. The snow's a comin' supposedly, so take advantage of the good weather for the next 3-4 days. Swing by the shop and we'll get you some bugs and head you in the right direction! Ryan