Epic Fly Rod Building Class

Epic fiberglass fly rods are some of the finest rods we've ever cast, and the ready-to-wrap kits make building a rod a breeze even if you've never done it before. The kits come with absolutely everything you need right down to the china marker to mark on the rod. These are some of the most fantastic fiberglass fly rods out there, and are some of the most fun rods we've ever fished. For fishing the small streams of the Black Hills, these are the perfect rod! While fiberglass fly rods are considered by many folks to be primitive, these aren't the fiberglass your grandfather had. Epic rods are light, crisp, and accurate. These rods are beautiful, and they cast lasers! The 8' 4 weight is one of the smoothest rods I've ever fished, and could very well be one of my favorite fly rods for all-around Black Hills use. A 10" brook trout feels fantastic on the 480, but it will handle a 20 plus inch fish with no problem. The 8'6" 6 weight is a workhorse of a fly rod, and I've fished it throughout several states on big and small rivers alike. The 686 is a hopper and streamer throwing machine, and will roll cast a nymph rig well past the far seam. In all honesty, these are some of the most versatile fly rods I've ever fished, and they are loads of fun to fish with! Here's a link to a blog post we did on the Epic 480 - Epic Fly Rod Review. We just got a fresh shipment of Epic Build Your Own Kits in from the far lands of New Zealand, and we've got a good selection of various sizes and colors. Many people have expressed interest in building an Epic fly rod, but are slightly intimidated by the whole process. Because of this, if you buy an Epic Build Your Own kit from us you'll be able to attend a free rod building class here at the shop. We'll show you everything you need to know to build a beautiful fly rod from start to finish! We're going to schedule the class for early 2017, and anyone that buys a kit before that is eligible. Building your own fly rod is a little like tying your own flies - it's a fun pastime, and it's pretty darn rewarding to catch fish on something you made yourself. Here's a link to Epic kits on our webstore - Epic Build Your Own Kits. If you have any questions about Epic Fiberglass fly rods or about the class, feel free to shoot us an email, give us a call, or swing down to the shop! Ryan