20 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Fly Fisher!

Shopping for the fly fisher in your life can be intimidating and difficult at times because of the sheer volume of items available. We see it every holiday season - the wide eyed, glassy stare that doesn't know where to start. We understand how tough it can be, so we've put together a list of twenty gift ideas at all price points for the fly fisher!
  1. Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps - Every fly fishermen in the world uses these, and most have lost at least a half dozen pairs. These are great because of the clip that you can solidly attach to a myriad of places on your waders and pack/vest. The jaws are excellent, and the scissors can cut everything from 7x to 80 pound!
  2. Hareline Fly Tying Kit - If you have an aspiring fly tier that you're looking for a gift for, these are a fantastic kit that comes with many applicable materials that a beginning fly tier will actually use. This kit is the better one that comes with the upgraded vise and tools, but there are a couple others available as well. Comes with everything you need to tie twenty different patterns, as well as a instruction book that has detailed pictures on how to tie each pattern. Great for the beginning fly tier!
  3. Solarez Roadie Kit - UV Resins have hit the fly tying world in full force over the last several years, and there's a number of different manufacturers. For the fly tier that doesn't have any experience with UV glue and has nothing, the Solarez Roadie Kit is perfect! Comes with three different resins and a strong UV light to cure them.
  4. Yeti Rambler - Yeti everything has been all the rage the last several seasons, and the new additions to the lineup - including the growler size, our personal favorite - are fantastic. Keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. Beer, coffee, water, chili, you name it!
  5. Echo Base Fly Rod - Echo shattered the misconception that all good fly rods are expensive with the Echo Base. This is a killer rod, especially for the sub-$100 price range. Whether you're buying for a new to the sport fly fisher or for someone that wants another rod, the Echo Base will be fantastic. Great price, lifetime warranty, and a great casting rod!
  6. Simms Coldweather Shirts - We live in these shirts in the winter. Grid fleece liner underneath of a fantastic lumberjack flannel. Stay warm and look slick!
  7. Tenkara - Tenkara has been very influential in how we fish over the past few years, and there's a ton of people that really enjoy this style of fishing. Tenkara is simple and incredibly effective. This is a great gift for someone that hasn't tried it before, and something a lot of people would never buy on their own!
  8. Keith McCafferty Books - Great fly fishing themed books. Perfect for the fly fisher that has read enough instructional style books, but still enjoys reading about fly fishing.
  9. Hatch Nippers - This is the gift for the fly fisher that has everything. These are machined aluminum, laser sharp nippers that come in a variety of colors. We use nippers dozens of times every time we go fishing, so why not have a nice pair?
  10. Epic Fiberglass Kit - Simply put, these are the finest fiberglass fly rods we've ever had the chance to cast and fish with, period. The build your own kits are a fantastic bargain, and they give you the experience and satisfaction of building your own fly rod. These kits are easy, fun, and make building a great looking rod a breeze!
  11. Fishpond Emerger Net - You use a net nearly every time you go fly fishing, so you might as well have a nice one! Many fisherfolks are using antiquated nets that they bought when they first started, and are unhappy with. This is the perfect all around size for the Black Hills streams, and is great for wade fishing just about anywhere trout swim!
  12. Yeti Hopper Flip 12 - These little buggers are great coolers! Perfect for a one day outing with a six pack and lunch. Super lightweight and easy to carry as well!
  13. Renzetti Traveler Vise - The Renzetti Traveler vise is the best bang for your buck in the fly tying vise world. This is hands down our best selling vise, and for good reason - they're built extremely well, can tie a wide variety of fly sizes, easy to use, and the price can't be beat. If you're buying for a fly tier with an antiquated vise, this is a fantastic option!
  14. Hatch Reel - These are the best reel in the fly fishing industry, hands down. If you're buying for someone that has been fly fishing for years and probably has everything else, a Hatch reel would make a nice addition to their collection!
  15. New Pack - Every fly fisher has something about their current pack that they don't like, so why not get them one they do like? We have a ton of options from Simms, Fishpond, and Patagonia at all price points.
  16. Simms Taco Bag - Tired of your rig smelling like an old, wet pair of waders? The Simms Taco Bag allows you to transport your waders easily, and breathes in order to keep the stank out. Also fits a 4 piece rod tube inside, as well as making a great wader mat!
  17. New RIO Fly Line - No matter how often you fly fish, there's a good chance you have a worn out fly line that needs replaciong that you haven't gotten around to yet. A new, super slick RIO fly line makes a great gift!
  18. Simms G3 Waders - Give the gift that keeps on giving! Simms G3 waders are the industry standard, and for good reason. They come in a zillion sizes to fit everyone, they're durable, they're comfortable, and they last longer than any other wader out there.
  19. New Zealand Strike Indicator - New Zealand Strike Indicators are some of our favorite indicators for fishing the small streams of the Black Hills. Makes a great stocking stuffer!
  20. Sage X Fly Rod - If you're buying for someone you really dig and they have everything, get them the best fly rod on the market! The Sage X is the pinnacle of fly rod performance.