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Trout Rigs and Methods by Dave Hughes

Trout Rigs and Methods by Dave Hughes

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Trout Rigs and Methods: All You Need to Know to Construct Rigs that Work for All Types of Trout Flies and the Most Effective Fishing Methods for Catching More and Larger Trout.

 Gearing up for all types of trout fishing on creeks, rivers, tailwaters, and lakes
* Casting, selecting a fly, and reading the water and finding trout

Dave Hughes’s clear and simple instruction and explanation describes 18 trout rigs and 81 methods to fish them. In moving water: rigs and methods for dry flies and emergers, nymphs, wet flies, streamers, and dry flies and droppers. In stillwater: dry flies and sunk flies.
Fly fishers learn the specifics of the rig--types of fly line, lengths and tapers of leader and tippet, the flies, and split shot, putty weight, strike indicators, droppers, point flies, and indicators--and the full array of methods to present the rig to the trout. Hughes’s lucid text is teamed with hundreds of instructive illustrations, including those showing how the trout views the fly. The more rigs you learn to construct and the more methods you learn to apply, the more situations you’ll solve, and the more trout you’ll catch. 292 B&W illus; 6x9 inches, 384 pgs.

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