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Regal Traditional Head Vise with Bronze Pocket Base- RPBR-10P

Regal Traditional Head Vise with Bronze Pocket Base- RPBR-10P

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Product Description

Regal Traditional Head Vise

The Regal Medallion Vise is the flagship of Regal vises.  This iconic and often imitated design is the pinnacle of vise technology. Open the Jaws, insert your hook and start tying. Very simple to operate. Great for fly tiers who want a quality vise that is easy to use, durable, and very well made. There is nothing to adjust even when you are switching from a tiny midge to a huge streamer hook. All Regal Medallion Vises revolve around a 360° axis and articulate 220° up and down. Made in the USA. 

The Regal Medallion Vise is incredibly popular with commercial tiers due to it's ease of use and the simplicity of securing your hook in the jaws. There's no adjustment to change different sizes of hooks because of the simple squeeze operation of the jaws. You can go from tying a size 20 to a size 2 without changing a thing. This vise is very adjustable - you can adjust the head angle with one hand, as well as totally rotate the head of the vise around to look at the other side of your fly or to wrap materials. If you tie a wide variety of flies from midges to saltwater patterns, the Regal Traditional Head Vise is a very versatile option at a great price! 

 Regal Traditional Head Vise

  • Easy to use jaw system with one handed operation
  • Securely holds hooks of all sizes
  • Bronze Pocketed Base with pockets for placing tools and materials in. Heavy construction to create a stable tying platform
  • Great for commercial tiers as well as tiers that are at the vise frequently. No adjustment to change between different sizes of hooks. 
  • USA Made!

Support a small local fly shop. Most orders ship the same day, and ship 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail. Regal Traditional Head Vises ship free! 

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