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Essential Patterns with Oliver Edwards DVD Vol. 2: Woven Flies

Essential Patterns with Oliver Edwards DVD Vol. 2: Woven Flies

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"Constructing the bodies of artificial fishing flies has historically always been a question of wrapping various materials around the hook shank. However, there is much more a fly tyer can do with body materials than merely wrapping them around the hook shank. Probably the most dramatic alternative to the traditional method id 'Weaving'.

Tying an artificial fly, casting it to a rising fish, then seeing that fish rise and take your artificial as confidently as a natural is arguably, the very essence of fly fishing. There's simply nothing quite like catching a fish on a fly that you have tied yourself. If you have not done this, you are missing one of the greatest thrills of fly fishing.

This programme is all about woven fly bodies. Like all our previous Essential Skills programmes, the techniques are shown simply, clearly and in great detail. Even a relative newcomer to fly tying can, with a little patience and preseverance master the advanced techniques. Just follow what I do step by step and it is easy. Even for the more accomplished fly tyer, there are some tricks of the trade that I am sure you will not have tried before.

Have great fun tying these and even more fun fishing them!" - Oliver Edwards

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