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Adaptive Fly Fishing Strategies DVD by Devin Olsen & Lance Egan

Adaptive Fly Fishing Strategies DVD by Devin Olsen & Lance Egan

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Adaptive Fly Fishing Strategies - Strategies for Diverse Water Types by Devin Olsen & Lance Egan - In this film, Devin and Lance break down rivers into common water type units and provide strategies for how to fish each of them. These water types include pools, riffles, runs, pocket water, glides, bank-side lies, and eddies. Each of these water types have unique characteristics which suit them to different methods and approaches. By applying the techniques demonstrated in this film you will find success in a wider variety of rivers be capable of adapting your strategy to the water types you are confronted with rather than only fishing the water types which fit your favored methods. 60+ min. More Information: In their films Modern Nymphing and Modern Nymphing Elevated, Devin Olsen and Lance Egan shared the European inspired nymphing methods which have brought them success in competitions in the USA and abroad. Combined with Gilbert Rowley’s vision behind the camera, these films have introduced thousands of anglers to techniques which have helped them increase their success and enjoyment on the water. Modern Nymphing techniques are incredibly effective for catching trout in diverse areas of a river. Yet, many anglers tend to focus only on obvious pools and simple runs, ignoring the additional opportunities available to them if they were to adapt their fishing to target more of the water types that they encounter. In this new film, Devin and Lance identify sundry river structures and classify them into recognizable water types, including pools, riffles, runs, pocket water, glides, bank-side lies, eddies, etc. Each water type has unique characteristics that demand the use of different fishing methods. Devin and Lance provide strategies for selecting rigging, flies and possible techniques for each water type. By applying the new information provided in this video one will be capable of adapting fishing strategy to find success in the many water types encountered rather than fishing only the most obvious water types with the most common methods.
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