Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey

Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Rods

The 11' 2 weight is the perfect rod for folks who like swinging soft hackles and smaller, lightly weighted flies for average size trout. The 2 weight can handle flies up to the size of a smaller Wooly Bugger style pattern, as well as light sink tips. This is the perfect rod for swinging classic style soft hackles - super light and a ton of fun to cast! 

The 11'3" 3 weight Hydrogen is the all-around workhorse of the Hydrogen trout spey lineup. This rod is equally at home swinging soft hackles on a floating line as it is dredging with a dumbbell eyed fly on a sink tip. While it won't cast enormous flies, the 3 weight is more than capable of fishing a single-hooked size 6 streamer with lead eyes. We fished this rod on the Bighorn River in Montana, and were super impressed. The 11'3" 3 weight is a great choice if you want one rod that will cover the vast majority of trout spey situations.

The 11'6" 4 weight is the heavy duty trout spey of the Hydrogen family. This rod is a good choice if you're swinging smaller articulated streamers, or fishing heavier sink tips and flies with a little more bulk or weight. That being said, a 14" fish is still a ton of fun on the 4 weight. You could still easily fish soft hackles and a floating line on this rod and have it be enjoyable, but the 4 weight has the backbone needed to turn over larger, heavier flies and tips when needed.

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