Collection: Rainbow Czech Nymph Fly Tying Materials

This is a staple in our guide's fly boxes, and for good reason! There's many days that I didn't change flies for several hours because the Rainbow Czech was working so well. Tie it with a tungsten bead as well for added weight, in sizes 8-14!


  • Hook: Umpqua C300bl Size 8-14
  • Weight:Lead Tape
  • Thread: Wapsi UTC 70 Denier Color to match body color
  • Rib: Black Ultra Wire
  • Back: Scud Back
  • Abdomen: Tan Rainbow Sow Scud Dubbing
  • Hot Spot: Bighorn Pink Sow Scud Dubbing
  • Thorax:SLF Dave Whitlock Dubbing Dark Dragonfly