Collection: Fly Tying Materials

Browse our selection of fly tying materials:

Hooks- Tiemco, Daiichi, Gamakatsu

Thread- UTC, Tiemco, Veevus

Glues/Cements- Fly Tite, Clear Cure Goo, Loon, Wapsi

Dry Fly Hackle- Whiting Farms

Misc. Feathers- Saddle Hackles, Strung Hackle, Marabou, CDC, Cul de Canard, Partridge, Starling

Body Materials/Chenilles- Estaz, Chenille, Pearl Core Braid, Diamond Braid

Hair/Fur- Rabbit Strips, Deer Hair, Elk Hair

Dubbing- Dry Fly Dubbing, Wet Fly/Nymph Dubbings, Ice dub

Flash and Wing Materials- Krystal Flash, Flashabou, 

Beads, Eyes, and Coneheads- Brass and Tungsten Beads, Lead Eyes, Coneheads, Stick-on Eyes

Rubber Legs- Round Rubber, Sili Legs, Barred Rubber Legs

Wires and Tinsels- Ultra Wire, Spooled Tinsels

Fly Tying Materials