Weekend Fishing Forecast

The weather is awful nice for the latter part of January - the highs were well into the fifties today. For the adventurous wintertime fly angler, this means great fishing with the possibility of a fabulous midge hatch. There were quite a few folks in the shop today that were headed out fishing, and a few sightings of fly fisher-folks sloshing around Rapid Creek in town. I'd wager that there was a stellar midge hatch today - hopefully everyone had 6x and a dry on the end of their line! The next couple days are looking to be more seasonal weather, with highs in the 30's and significant chances of snow. Sounds like good winter hatch weather to me, and the creeks will be significantly more vacant with the drop in temperature and the white fluffy stuff in the air. Put on a couple jackets, grab a beanie and some gloves and go catch some happy rising fish in town! Later in the week is looking to be great weather. The dry fly fishing is excellent - I'd be hard pressed to fish anything but midge adults in town right now with as good as the hatch is. This is one of my favorite hatches of the year, and I know many other people feel the same way. Lot of active fish on the surface two minutes from the fly shop. What's not great about that? Stop by the shop for all of your wintertime midge fishing needs, or to warm up after an in-town session. The coffee's on! Ryan