Rapid Creek Midge Hatch

With the great weather we've been having, all of us at the shop have been getting out and fishing on Rapid Creek in town. Long story short, the fishing is amazing! The midges are thick during the hatch, and the fish are especially enthused with them. The window of opportunity for finding noses up has been short, but should continue to get longer as the days lengthen and the temperatures climb. As of now, we've found the best action to be between 10-1, with a half hour window in both directions just to keep it interesting. The sheer number of fish on the surface is incredible, and the fishing has been great! Jacob and I got out a few days ago, and he got some great pictures of the action - all photos are courtesy of Jacob DeGroot. Dry flies in town-12 Dry flies in town-10 Dry flies in town-8 Dry flies in town-5 Dry flies in town-3 The fish haven't been super easy to fool, but if you have a pattern that is pretty close and you present it in a decent manner, they're more than willing to oblige! 6x has been the standard, and I bet you could catch a few extra fish on 7x if you were inclined to go that light. Eric's Midge has been my go-to pattern, and we just got a fresh shipment in the bins at the shop for all your angling needs. Morgan's Midges, Griffith's Gnats, and small parachute patterns have been producing fish as well - your favorite homebrew midge pattern could be just the ticket, who knows! The weather this weekend is supposed to be a bit colder, but the fishing will still be spectacular. Stop by the shop and pick up a new tub of desiccant (you probably need a fresh one!), a fresh tube of floatant, and some of our favorite midge dries and go have a blast tossing to rising trouts in town - it's a good time. Ryan