Pactola Pike

Pike Fly Fishing and Tying Classes

If you haven't fished Pike on a fly rod, you're missing out. It's some of the most exciting fishing around, and the fish are big and mean. We have several great pike lakes within a 15-60 minute drive from Rapid City, and it's an underutilized resource to say the least. We're going to have a fly tying portion of the class, and a 'how to' portion the following week - you can take one or both. We've been out chasing some around already this year, and it's going to get nothing but better in the coming weeks. The Pike fly tying class will be April 4th, from 6-8pm here at the shop. Pike flies are a heck of a lot different to tie than your average trout fly, and use a number of different techniques to tie them. We'll go over the various techniques used in tying these big flies, and show you how to tie some of our favorite and most successful patterns. Some fly tying experience is preferred; you don't need to be a professional by any means, but knowledge of a few basic tying techniques is helpful. The cost of the class is $40 and there are 6 spots available - call the shop to reserve your spot. The fishing portion of the class will be held the following week, on Tuesday, April 11th from 5-7 pm. We'll go over everything from fly choice, where to find pike, leader building, knots, lines, casting, and techniques for actually making one eat your fly. While you won't be actually fishing during the class, you'll learn a lot of techniques and tactics to get you out there chasing pike. The cost of the class is $30. Call the shop to reserve your spot! We're also doing pike guided trips again this year. If you're looking to have the best learning experience possible, a guided trip chasing pike is the best way to do it. We typically go to Pactola, which gives you the best shot at the biggest pike around. While these fish aren't easy to catch by any means, you oftentimes have multiple opportunities to hook really big pike. You're not going to go up there and catch ten typically, however. There are other options for more average size fish around as well, if that's more your speed. The trips will be the same as our normal guide rate - $250 for a half day, and $425 for a full day. Call us at the shop to book your trip or ask us any questions you might have! If you have any questions about any of the classes or guided trips, give us a jingle here at the shop at 605-341-2450 and we can get you squared away. There's some great pike fishing opportunities around, and if you're not chasing them you're missing out! Ryan
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