New RIO Fly Lines and Leaders!

RIO fly lines and leaders have been our favorites for a number of years now, and for good reason. They're the industry leader for innovation, from new fly line coatings and cores to stronger leaders and tippet material. They have some new products that they just introduced for next year that use new technologies that are going to be awesome! RIO Flats Pro Fly Line The new RIO DirectCore Flats Pro fly line ups the ante when it comes to saltwater fly line design. This line uses RIO's new DirectCore technology, which makes for a fly line that has 30 percent less stretch than a conventional saltwater fly line.The low stretch monofilament core retains it's stiffness, yet lies straight when on the water. What does this mean for you, the angler? You get hooksets that are exponentially better, you feel your strikes sooner, you can put more positive pressure on the fish when you're fighting them, and you land the fish faster due to less stretch in the fly line. In addition, the Flats Pro line comes in a conventional floating design, as well as a 6' intermediate tip version. The clear intermediate tip makes for a stealthier presentation, allowing you to use a shorter leader and get better hooksets, as well as enabling you to fish for spookier fish that might run at the sight of a conventional floating fly line. These lines feature RIO's tri-color SureFire technology as well, enabling you to know exactly how much line you have out at a glance. These lines come in 6 weight through 12 weight to cover just about any bonefish, permit, or tarpon situation you might encounter. Pick one of these lines up before your next trip south - you'll be happy you did! Big Nasty Leader If you like fly fishing for warmwater species like smallies, carp, largemouth, and pike, the new Big Nasty Leader and tippet material is a perfect match. These leaders are tapered with a powerful butt section that turns over big, air resistant flies with ease. Highly abrasion resistant, you can fish confidently through the weeds and trees without worry of banging your leader all up. The leaders come in 6' lengths, and the leaders and tippet both are available in 10-20 pound. The short length allows you to power some big bugs out there easily, and the high abrasion resistance allows you to pull the big ones through the nastiest cover. Perfect for summertime bass fishing! Ryan