New Redington Rods and Reels for 2018

Redington has been a leader in the value-minded fly fishing tackle industry for a number of years, and they've kept the innovation going this year with new rods and reels at fantastic prices. They've come out with a line of rods that are their new flagship model, and an innovative new reel design that allows you to customize the look of your reel with a number of different designs! Redington Crux The Redington Crux is Redington's premier offering, coming in a full range of lengths and weights to cover just about every fishing situation you're likely to run across. From a 7'6" 3 weight to a 10' 10 weight monster, you'll have everything from brookies to king salmon covered. The Crux is a fast action rod designed to generate high line speed and be able to punch flies out there even in adverse conditions. Their new 'line speed taper' allows the rod to have very fast line speed, while still being enjoyable to cast and not fatiguing to fish all day. The fine diameter black reduces the swing weight of the rod, as well as letting the rod slice through the air with less resistance. If you fish in areas where the wind blows frequently or in situations where fast line speed is a must, the new Redington Crux will be the perfect tool for the job. Retail is $399.95, so it's easier on your wallet and leaves you some scratch to go fish! ID Reel DecalRedington ID Reel Redington's new line of i.D. reels allows you to customize your reel with any of 34 different decals that they offer that fit on the drag knob side of the reel. From a donut to a rainbow trout, you can get a full range of decals to suit your personality. The reel comes in a 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8/9 size, and is available just as the reel or pre-spooled with a RIO Mainstream line in the two larger sizes. The reel features a Rulon disc drag and a large arbor for fast line retrieval. These are perfect for the value-minded angler, as well as those that want a little customization in their fishing life! The reels run $89.95, and the pre-spooled ones are $109.95. Ryan