New EP Brushes!

We've been big fans of Enrico Puglisi materials, flies, and brushes for quite awhile now, and they didn't disappoint with their newest round of brushes! EP has the most extensive selection of dubbing, hair, and synthetic brushes by far, and they have something for nearly every tier. Everything from Predator flies to saltwater shrimp to trout streamers, they have you covered! You can make your own dubbing brushes as well, but with the vast selection that EP has available, there's not a whole lot of reason to. Here's a few of their new brushes that we really dig. EP Thunderstruck Brushes The possibilities for these brushes are nearly endless! Thunderstruck Brushes are essentially Ripple Ice Fiber in a dubbing brush. You can use these to make tying the super popular Coffey's Sparkle Minnow streamer pattern much easier - simply wrap one for the body and pull the other over for the contrasting color. Thunderstruck Brushes make great heads on pike, musky, and saltwater patterns also, plus the stainless wire core holds up to sharp teeth. Another great use is for a 'shoulder' on steelhead Intruder style patterns. Thunderstruck Brushes come in 1.5" and 3", which will cover the vast majority of situations. 0BU-PR-FT-1_Predator_Brush_Fire_Tiger_large EP Predator Brushes These are the best brushes we've ever seen for crafting heads on predator streamer patterns, period. Coming in 16 colors - both solid and variegated - there's not a fly you can tie that won't look great with one an EP Predator Brush. Locally these are great for tying pike flies, but these make awesome saltwater flies as well. Tarpon anyone? BTKA_15430781934421422_461f633de3e0ae3200628609fe7ef2_large EP Invader Brush These are great for various streamer patterns, and are a nice blend of Ripple Ice Fiber and a Fox-like longer hair. The two-toned blend gives your streamers a nice taper and depth. Invader Brushes come in 14 colors and two sizes - 2.5" and 4.5". These would look great on an EP Home Invader style fly - just substitute the Invader Brush for the Foxy Brush in the video below.