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Black Hills Fishing Report August 6th 2013

Black Hills Fishing Report August 6th

Rapid Creek – Rapid Creek has continued to fish well. Fishing is good above Silver City above Pactola Reservoir. It's mostly nymph fishing above the lake. However, there is a Trico hatch in the morning. Below Pactola Reservoir fishing is also good, however it's best in the mid-to-late afternoon as the pale morning dun hatch picks up. Terrestrial fishing is also quite good below the dam – mostly with ants, beetles and cricket patterns. Fishing continues to be decent in town as well, it's best in the morning for the trico hatch then late in the afternoon/evening. In the evening there are small yellow mayflies (pale evening duns) and caddis hatching. Best success has been with nymphs in town.
Castle Creek- Best fishing is below Deerfield reservoir. Try the meadow near the parking lot, or take the hike up to the dam. Fishing is great in the last 200 yards before the dam. Good hatches of PMD's in the afternoon- expect BWO's on cloudy afternoons. Tricos in the morning. Terrestrial fishing is picking up. Mostly beetles, ants, and crickets. Hopefully hoppers will be here soon!
Spearfish Creek – Decent fishing in the Canyon, however there are quite a few bikes in the Canyon right now. Expect it to be fairly loud for the next several days up there. On the other hand, there shouldn't be very much fishing pressure. Fishing has been good mainly with nymphs. Some dry flyfishing in the late afternoon and evening. Late yellow mayflies and caddis will bring fish up to the surface.
Custer State Park – Slow fishing on the streams in Custer State Park. If you're looking for good stream fishing we would strongly suggest fishing further north. However, the lakes in the park have been fishing fairly well. The cooler nights we've had this summer have helped lake fishing quite a bit. The best lake fishing has been reported on Sylvan Lake. Fish the callibaetis hatch on Sylvan mid-morning and fish the rest the day with a sinking line and mini leeches. Fishing the ponds in the Grace Coolidge Walk-In can also be worthwhile.
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