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Black Hills Fishing Report August 21st 2013

Fishing Report 08/21/13

Rapid Creek In Town - Fishing in town is great, with anglers reporting good success on a number of different techniques, from dries to nymphs to terrestrials and streamers. The key to catching fish in town right now is to focus on all of the edges, and the super skinny water, the fish are stacked in all of the water that most anglers walk past. Trico hatch in the morning is still really good, and runs anywhere from 5:30 to 9:00 am, depending on temperatures. Caddis in the evening are also still really going, with most of our guides and anglers reporting good success from 7:00 until dark. Skittering Craneflies and Caddis is also producing a good number of fish. Below Pactola - Fishing has improved greatly with the recent bump in flows up to 80cfs, and the fish are looking up! There's no real reason to nymph right now, unless you want to target a specific fish that's not feeding on the surface. Fish are eating Caddis, Midges, Craneflies, BWO's, PMD's, and a variety of terrestrials. Crickets, Beetles, and small hoppers are producing well. BWO's are the main thing on the menu, with a SplitBack Baetis Nymph working great as a dropper fly. Silver City - Good fishing, especially in the upper stretches. Big nymphs are producing well, with North Forks, UV Czechs, and San Juans working good. Box Elder Creek Fishing near Nemo is outstanding, with fish readily taking larger dry flies, and nymphing is great as well. General Attractor dries are working well, as well as smaller terrestrials. Great Brookie fishing! Spearfish Creek - Fishing is good, with nymphs producing the most fish. Almost all of the fish are in the fast pocket water, and are way easier to target and catch than the picky fish in the slower pools and runs. Tenkara is ideal for these situations, and has enabled us to catch considerably more fish out of this type of water. In town is also producing good numbers of fish as well, with the fish being a little bigger on average than the canyon. Castle Creek Fishing below the dam remains outstanding! This is your best bet for quality brook trout. The same flies and rules as everywhere else apply here as well. Many fish are looking up to the top for a variety of different things, but nymphing will catch the fish that won't come to the surface. Black Hills Lakes Center, Sylvan, and Bismarck are producing trout, but they are deep during the heat of the day. Sink Lines are key from 10-5. They fish do come up to the surface in the evening however, and will eat Callibaetis dries, as well as Mini Leeches and large Pheasant Tails and Red Fox Squirrel nymphs.
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