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In this collection you will find Tenkara Rods, Level Lines, Traditional Lines, Flies, and Accessories. We stock all of the excellent Tenkara Gear from Tenkara USA.



We've taken to Tenkara big time this summer, it is a very effective means of fishing small to mid-sized streams. Best of all Tenkara is simple- simple gear, simple rigging, and simple to learn. 

If you are looking to try Tenkara for the first time, we highly recommend starting with the following items:

  • Tenkara USA 12' Iwana Rod- The Iwana is the best all around choice for a variety of stream sizes and types. It also handles most fish sizes you will encounter on small to mid-sized streams
  • Tenkara USA 3.5 orange level line- This is the best all around line for your tenkara rod. It is a low memory fluorocarbon material that is highly visable. If you are going to get one style of line to try first, go with the 3.5 level line.
  • Tenkara USA Blue Line Holder- The blue line holders are a great way to store your line, tippet, and fly when you are done fishing or if you are walking through the brush to your next fishing spot. You can also use the Fuji EZ keepers to store your line on the rod, there is some personal preference involved here but both do the job.
  • 5x and 6x tippet

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