Why RIO's New Powerflex Plus Rocks!

The ultimate connection from you to a fish is the tippet that's knotted to your fly in the fishes mouth. Every angler has lost fish due to the failure of this knot, and oftentimes an exceptionally nice fish - it sucks! Due to the nature of the majority of trout fishing being done with fairly small flies, we're forced to use tippet with a fairly fine diameter. It's a double-edged sword; use tippet small enough to be able to hook the fish, but you may not be able to land a large fish on said tippet. RIO has come up with a better, stronger tippet as an alternative to their standard Powerflex, and we love it! Powerflex Plus tippet is up to 20% stronger than standard nylon tippet, which is a considerable amount. For example, RIO's standard Powerflex tippet in 5x comes out to 5 pound breaking strength, where as the new Powerflex Plus in 5x rates in at 6 pound breaking strength, in equal diameters. Good stuff right? I've been using Powerflex Plus, and I've been impressed. The knots all tighten down very well and with little effort, which I dig. I like every knot to tighten down the same as the last. Another plus is that it comes on a 50 yard spool rather than the standard 30 yard spools that most tippet comes on. I haven't had any problems with breaking off fish whatsoever, and it seems to be pretty solid stuff overall! I'm a big fan. Powerflex Plus comes in 2 pack leaders as well to round out the entire lineup and increase the strength of the whole setup. We're fully stocked here at the shop - stop by and grab a spool or a leader, you'll be impressed! Ryan