Warm Weather and Dry Flies

Put away the fly tying vises and the whiskey folks, it's warm enough to get out and fish again! The fishing this past week has been exceptional, and the fish have been looking up. The midge hatches have been great, with a few Baetis (BWOs) mixed in for good measure. We like early spring BWOs. Lots of fish, and they're more than willing to eat. The fish haven't been pushovers, but they haven't been horribly picky either. As long as you have something on that looks close to what they're eating, with a decent drift and light enough tippet (i.e. 6x), you'll catch your fair share of fish. Also, the fish have been pushed up into the shallower riffles while feeding, so don't overlook that type of water either. Overall, it's been a great week on the water, so get out and get some while you can! Ryan Gabert