Upright Callibaetis Spinner Fly Tying Video

Upright Callibaetis Spinner- Fly Tying Video

Tying the Upright Callibaetis Spinner

Upright Callibaetis Spinner Fly Tying Video

A great lake pattern to imitate the callibaetis mayfly. This pattern utilizes the new synthetic quill body from Hareline Dubbin. We typically tie and fish this fly in sizes 14-16. The fly in this video uses a down eye dry fly hook, but a straight eye hook is also a good choice. If you choose to use a straight eye hook, the Daiichi 1110 is a good choice, but a Tiemco 101 will also work. Finishing the fly with a light coating of Loon Thin UV Fly Finish or Clear Cure Goo Hydro will enhance the durability.

Upright Callibaetis Spinner Fly Tying Materials

Purchase the materials to tie the Upright Callibaetis Spinner here

  • Hook: Daiichi 1100 Dry Fly Hook Size 14-18
  • Thread: Tiemco 16/0 Thread
  • Post: Fluoro Fiber White
  • Tail: Hareline Barred Mayfly Tails
  • Abdomen: Hareline Synthetic Quill Body Wrap Gray
  • Hackle: Medium Dun Whiting Saddle Hackle
  • Thorax: Hareline Ice Dub UV Tan
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