Upcoming Fly Tying Demos and Classes

We're going to be doing fly tying demos on Saturdays here at the shop for the next couple months, as well as have some open classes at the shop during the week! We have a wide variety of demo and class topics that should cover a broad range of tier's interests. We've updated our camera/projection game a bit, and it'll be easier to see for everyone that comes down. All of the demos are free and start at 10am at the shop, and will run around an hour or so. Here's a list of what we have scheduled for the next 2 months - look for some open tying nights to be scheduled soon as well! Saturday Demos February 23rd - Pike Flies - We'll be tying up some of our favorite and most successful patterns for pike fishing in the Black Hills and beyond. We'll be mixing up a couple of our favorite patterns with some new materials and brushes as well. March 2nd - Midges - Trout around the world eat midges, pretty much 12 months a year. It's a good idea to have a wide selection of midge patterns in your box, pretty much regardless of where you're heading to. My day has been saved by midge patterns countless times - come down and watch us tie a few of our favorites. March 9th - Czech Nymphs & Euro Flies - Czech nymphing has exploded in popularity in the past couple years, and for good reason - it works insanely well once you get it dialed in. We'll be tying a few different Czech and Euro style flies, as well as talking a bit about Czech Nymphing itself. March 16th - Trout Streamers - Streamer fishing has been the 'cool' thing to do for a couple years, and it's a lot of fun. Come see a few of our favorite streamers patterns for the Black Hills, Bighorn River, and North Platte River! March 23rd - Saltwater Flies - Headed to a warmer destination this year? Come see a few of our favorite bonefish, permit, tarpon and jack flies. Additionally, if you like carp fishing you could gain quite a bit of knowledge out of this demo as well! March 30th - Missouri River Flies - Some of our favorite fishing of the year is heading over to the Missouri for smallies, white bass, and pike. We'll tie a few of our favorite Missouri River flies, as well as touch on when and where to go. April 6th - Pike Tube Flies - Tube flies have become increasingly more popular for pike over the past couple years, and we've found several advantages to them - more versatile rigging, your flies last longer, and the fish are easier to unhook. Come see what big game tube flies are all about! Upcoming Fly Tying Classes Beginning Fly Tying Classes - 2/12/2019 and 3/12/2019 Learn to tie your own flies! This class teaches the essentials skills needed to tie 4 fly patterns. Cost of the Class is $30. The class runs from 6-8pm. All materials and tools are provided for the class. Payment is due at sign up. Please stop by or call the shop to enroll -605-341-2450. Hans’ Favorites Fly Tying Class Tuesday, February 5th, 2019. Cost of the class is $40. Hans Stephenson himself will be teaching this class – learn to tie some of Hans’ favorite patterns for the Black Hills! Cost of the class is $40, with 4 spots available. Please stop by or call the shop to enroll – 605-341-2450. Pike Fly Tying Class Tuesday March 5th, 2019. 6-8pm. Cost of the class is $40 Pike have become a very popular target throughout the Black Hills and western South Dakota, and for good reason – they’re big, mean, and they eat big flies. The flies are fun to tie, but require some different skills and techniques than your average trout fly would take. Some tying experience is helpful, and materials are included in the cost of the class. Call the shop at 605-341-2450 to reserve your spot!