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Tying the Czech Nymph

Czech Nymph

This is the classic Czech Nymph. For use in the increasingly popular European or Czech nymphing styles. These are great patterns for getting down to the fish in a hurry. Vary the colors to match caddis larva, scuds, or tie them in bright colors for use as an attractor. The trick to tying Czech Nymphs properly is to tie them slim and make them heavy. By keeping a slim profile the flies will sink much more quickly. This requires several wraps of small diameter lead wire or lead tape. A tungsten bead at the head of the fly can also make an effective weight source for a czech nymph. Tie an assortment of colors in sizes 8-16. Larger flies will be useful in getting the rig to the bottom in faster moving water. Visit the blog posts on Czech Nymphing for more information: Materials Link: Czech Nymph
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