Fresh Shipment of Scott Fly Rods!

We just got a fresh shipment of Scott Fly Rods in the shop, and we're stoked about it. Scott Fly Rods, based in Montrose, Colorado has been making some of our favorite rods for quite some time now! The new Scott Radian is an awesome rod, and it looks boss as well. The G2 has been one of our favorite rods for the last few years, and we have a good selection of them in stock also. A4's are a great rod for the budget-minded angler that still wants performance, and the Tidal is a pretty darn sweet rod for the first-time saltwater angler or a hefty warm water stick. Last but not least, the Scott F2 is a small stream fisherman's dream rod! Here's a link to our webstore so you can peruse our selection of Scotts a little more - they're some of our favorite rods. Scott Fly Rods - Dakota Angler & Outfitter Come by and give one a test drive - you'll be pleasantly surprised! Ryan