Ryan and Dave's Holiday gift ideas!

It seems like almost everyone in the shop is trying to shop for the "un-shoppable" person - the fly fisherman that seemingly has everything. Here's a couple new items that Dave and I think make killer holiday gifts, and we almost guarantee they won't already have them! New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool
Stealthy Indicators that float like a cork Stealthy Indicators that float like a cork
One of my new "must haves" when I go out fishing, the New Zealand Strike Indicator tool makes great indicators that won't spook the wariest of fish. Another nice thing about them is that you can make any size indicator you need for any situation - from Bighorn River sized bobbers to the smallest of spring creek emerger rigs. The kit comes with the tool, tubing, and enough wool to last for a long time. These are a gift that any flyfisherman can use! http://shop.flyfishsd.com/products/new-zealand-strike-indicator-tool Fishpond Nomad Net
Fishpond Nomad Mid Length Net Fishpond Nomad Mid Length Net
Another one of my new favorites from this year, the Fishpond Nomad Mid Length net has been a great investment. It's lightweight, and it has a long enough handle that I have that extra few inches of reach I need to net an extra rowdy fish. The clear "ghost net" bag has large holes so it's easy to sweep through the water, and the clear color doesn't spook fish nearly as much as a black net. I've beat the snot out of mine, and other than a few gouges and scratches, it's holding up great. Every fisherman needs a net, and many aren't happy with their current one, so this is a great gift idea! http://shop.flyfishsd.com/products/fishpond-nomad-mid-length-net Simms Headwaters Large Sling Pack
Versatile Sling Pack to hold all of your gear for the day! Versatile Sling Pack to hold all of your gear for the day!
Dave's first pick for a gift for the fly fisherman that has everything, the Simms Headwaters Large Sling Pack has it all as well. He's been rocking this thang since early summer, and his favorite thing about this pack is where it rides - it stays on your back rather than your waist, which keeps you from dunking your pack 15 times a day when you're fishing the Bighorn, or even just wading deep on Rapid Creek. It has a ton of different organizing sleeves, pockets, and crannies, and is large enough to hold the biggest of fly boxes. Even with all of these features, it still carries easily and feels lightweight, and rides close to your body which keeps you from getting the "pulling" sensation of a loaded-down hip pack. This is another great gift that your favorite fisherman probably wouldn't purchase themselves, but would make their days out on the water much more enjoyable. http://shop.flyfishsd.com/products/simms-headwaters-large-sling-pack Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder
Make your days on the water more enjoyable with a great tippet holder! Make your days on the water more enjoyable with a great tippet holder!
Dave's other pick for a great holiday gift idea falls into an area where most fisherman aren't happy with their current setups - tippet storage. The Fishpond Headgate tippet holder is hands down the best tippet dispenser we've ever had here in the shop, and at a cool $19.95, it makes a great, useful gift that won't break the bank. It has a spring-loaded arm that swings open and allows you to add or remove tippet spools, which takes about two seconds, or about ten minutes less than many of the alternative styles. It holds 7 spools of tippet, which is more than enough for even a multiple-day adventure. The cutter on the side is one of our favorite features, and keeps your from reaching for your nippers more than necessary. http://shop.flyfishsd.com/products/fishpond-headgate-tippet-holder-lichen Those are my and Dave's holiday gift ideas for 2014 that wee almost guarantee your household fisherman won't already have. With that in mind, we also have the shop full of other awesome gift ideas, so swing by or give us a call and we can figure out the best gift for your favorite fly fisherman! Ryan