New Video - Spearfish Canyon!

Shaun, Jacob and I got out and fished Spearfish Canyon a few days ago. We had a fantastic morning of fishing, captured on film by Jacob. We had the best luck Czech-style nymphing with various jig patterns. Jig Killer Bugs, Party Crashers, and Soft Spots in 12-14 were good flies, and I caught a few on a Three Dollar Dip dropper in size 18 as well. This video shows a bit of the kind of water we enjoy fishing as well - the fast stuff! There's lots of fish in fast water, and very few people fish it. Once you learn how to fish the faster-paced water, you'll open up miles of water in the canyon to fish. Overall, the fishing was great. Plus, we got to eat at Lewies after we finished up for the day, which was equally as good as the fishing. This is another one of Jacob's great editing jobs - give it a watch! Ryan