New Tenkara USA Hane Rod!

It's been awhile since Tenkara USA has come out with a new rod, but they knocked it out of the park with the new Tenkara USA Hane rod! We've been big fans of Tenkara fishing since we started carrying Tenkara USA in 2013 - the versatility and perfect drift make them fantastic fishing tools for our local streams, and they're great for teaching new folks as well. Tenkara has always been a simplistic and packable way to fish, but the new Hane takes packability to a new level. The Tenkara USA Hane is the ultimate in packability - it folds down to a mere 15", which means you can pack it away just about anywhere. It's 10'10" extended, which makes it long enough to reach across the current to place your fly on the far seam, but short enough that you can get under trees and brush. This rod is a little bit faster than many of the other Tenkara USA rods, making it a really versatile rod that's equally at home chasing bass or panfish as it is boulder-hopping up a mountain stream for brook trout. The white color is unique among the Tenkara USA rods, with the idea that it will blend in with the sky better than a dark colored rod. An added bonus it that it's easy to spot when you lay in down on the bank! The foam handle is a new idea as well, and should be super durable and easy to grip in all conditions. Here's what Tenkara USA has to say about the Hane - The Hane (pronounced like "huh - nay") is a super compact all-around tenkara rod that will quickly become your favorite adventure rod. Measuring just under 15 inches when collapsed, but extending to 10ft 10in (330cm), the Hane fits nicely inside a small day pack, making this a superb tenkara rod for backpacking, bikefishing and other adventures. Whether you are targeting trout or bass, the Hane was designed to work well in your mountain streams as well as your urban fishing outings. It's a rod that can tag along in a variety of conditions without compromising durability. We decided to make this rod white, a unique color among our lineup. Part of the reason for that is the idea of having a rod that will blend in well with open skies above. Whereas a black rod does a good job blending in with canopy, its movement tends to stand out when fishing ponds and open meadow streams. The tip of the rod is black Whether you're looking for your first Tenkara rod or wanting to add another to your quiver, the Tenkara USA Hane is definitely worth a look! We have them in stock at the shop, as well as on our webstore - At $150, the price is right as well!