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We just received a shipment of the newest member of the Scott fly rod family, and we're extremely impressed! The Scott Flex is the newest mid-price fly rod in the Scott lineup, and it looks and casts like a rod in a much higher price category. Cosmetically, these rods are very reminiscent of the old Scott G Series rods with the bigger, squared off handle and the white wraps and writing - they're beautiful rods that look way out of their price range at $475! The handle feels very comfortable in the hand, and the reel seat holds the reel well without wobbling and has a cool, composite/metal look to it. The Scott Flex is a pretty fast action rod, with a lot of power to fish through tougher conditions. That being said, the rod still has a lot of feel and touch to it while retaining the ability to boom some casts out there! We cast the five weight Flex with a RIO Gold yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to cast. The rod loaded well in close, and was very accurate at short distances. Once we got 30 feet of line out or so, the rod loaded a bit deeper and had a little more power and wanted to shoot significantly more line on the forward stroke. Realistically I'm rarely fishing much further than thirty feet away from myself while trout fishing, but this rod has the grunt to throw a lot more line than that! Fifty feet is no problem at all. The rod tracks extremely well, and casts the tight loops that everyone digs. The Flex seems to be a really versatile rod, and feels just at home casting ten feet as it does at forty. The Scott Flex incorporates many of the same features that the Radian and Meridian have, and have the latest technology and top quality components. Each Flex is handcrafted in Montrose, Colorado from start to finish as well. Coming in a full range of sizes from 3 weight to 8 weight, the Flex will cover everything from brook trout to bonefish! These are great rods that fish way out of their price range, and are soon to be one of our best sellers. Come by the shop and cast one - you'll dig it. Ryan
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