Redington Rise Amber

New Redington Rise Reels!

We just got in a shipment of the new Redington Rise Reels, and we've been very impressed with them so far! The Rise has been one of the workhorses of the Redington lineup for quite a few years, and this is the best version we've seen so far. It features a great look, fantastic drag, and a price that can't be beat for a fully machined reel! The Rise reel is the perfect example of Redington's ongoing quest to think outside the box of traditional reel designs. The new Rise reel comes in a full range of sizes and colors. The smaller 3/4 size is a perfect match for a lightweight Black Hills rod, up to the 9/10 monster that's a great choice for your musky rod or even a bonefish setup. It comes in three great colors - the traditional black and silver, and a really cool amber color so you can match it up to whatever setup you want. As far as the meat and potatoes of the reel, Redington didn't skimp at all. The carbon fiber drag system is totally sealed and requires zero maintenance, and has up to twenty pounds of fish-stopping drag power depending on the size. In the adjustment department, the oversized drag knob allows you to easily adjust the drag tension while fighting a fish. The U-shaped spool holds an ample amount of backing no matter what the circumstances, and the twin-molded handle allows you to find the handle easily and bring your fish in with ease. Here's a few pictures of the various colors and sizes of the Redington Rise! Redington Rise Redington Rise Silver Redington Rise Black Redington Rise Amber Redington Rise Silver Redington Rise Inside The quality and machine quality of the new Redington Rise Reels is fantastic, and we just got a full lineup of all the colors and sizes in the shop. Swing by and check them out, or check them out HERE on our website. These are fantastic reels, and I have a feeling these are going to become one of our best sellers! Ryan
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