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New Loon Outdoors Tools!

Loon Outdoors has been an innovator in the fly fishing world for a number of years, but their latest offering of fishing and fly tying tools has knocked it out of the park! There's a lot of other tools out in the fly fishing/tying world, but this selection of tools has definitely upped the ante. We've been using these new tools over the past couple weeks, and we're incredibly impressed! Scissors The new lineup of Loon scissors covers everything from size 24 midges to triple articulated musky flies. These things are sharper than heck, and save you the frustration of trying to saw through materials with your dad's thirty year old tying scissors. Another nice touch that I didn't really take much notice of to begin with is the bright yellow handles. Quite often my tying desk is a pile of hackles, feathers, hides, and who knows what else and it can make it difficult to find a pair of neutral colored scissors. The fluorescent handles make these easy to spot and get a hold of! Also, the loops on these are easy to fit your fingers into and easy to slip them out as well. A lot of scissors seem to have loops for folks with very small fingers, and many people have trouble getting their fingers into them and comfortable holding them. The ergonomic handles for your fingers and thumb on these rock, and make them really comfortable to tie with. With five different offerings in their new scissor lineup, there's a scissor for anything that you're going to be tying up! I've been using the All Purpose scissors, and I've been incredibly impressed with how sharp they are and how easily they cut a wide variety of materials. Here's a link to the different models - Loon Scissors. Tying Tools
Loon Ergo Bobbin Loon Ergo Bobbin
Loon has changed the game when it comes to easy to use tying accessories with their latest offering. The Gator Grip dubbing spinner is a very well thought out tool with interchangeable tips to clamp onto any dubbing loop you can create. It's a convenient size and weight, and the big loop makes it easy to hold onto and palmer around the hook - this is the last dubbing loop tool you'll ever need. The Loon Ergo Bobbin feels great in your hand, and works great for everything from midges to streamers. The powder coated handle provides a comfortable grip, and the spring steel arms allow you to adjust the thread tension easily and effectively. You use a bobbin every time you tie, so why not have a nice one? The Ergo Dubbing Brush is a fantastic tool for teasing out dubbing and making a really buggy, lifelike fly, and it fits great in the hand. Likewise, the Ergo Bodkin is a fantastic update on the standard bodkin and makes applying glues and cements a breeze, as well as picking out legs or dubbing. All of these tools are made to fit easily and comfortably in your hand, and they're all bright yellow and easy to spot on your tying bench! Rogue Series Clamps Every fly angler that's fished more than once has lost a pair of forceps or two. Loon set out to redesign the old style of forceps, and they've definitely changed the game with the Rogue Quickdraw Forceps! These are the ultimate forcep, and are incredibly well designed for the serious angler. The flagship feature of these clamps is the innovative carabiner clip that enables you to clip the handle to your waders, pack, or pocket and makes you significantly less likely to lose them. The big loop makes it easy to get your fingers in, and the tightly angled jaws make clamping down barbs and unhooking fish a piece of cake. These are going to be the new standard for forceps! There's a full series of various sizes of new clamps and forceps as well, so take a peek at all of them HERE! Loon Outdoors hit it out of the park with their new lineup of tools and tying tools. Check them out on our website here, or swing by the shop and check them out! Ryan
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