New Fly Fishing Gear from Sage, Redington, and RIO!

As usual, Sage, Redington, and RIO have hit the ball out of the park with their latest offerings in the new fly fishing gear world! Here's a few of their offerings for the 2018/2019 season. Sage SPEY_Black Gunmetal_Group Spey Reel Sage’s SPEY reels are heavier with minimal porting to balance longer rods and has an increased capacity to accommodate larger lines thanks to the concave large arbor. It also features full line guards to assure thin running lines do not migrate between the spool and frame during dynamic casting motions. Each model features Sage’s Sealed Carbon System (SCS) drag with a machined and anodized One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings. The SPEY comes in 6/7/8 ad 7/8/9 sizes and retails for $475 and $500, respectively. With bronze or stealth/silver color options, it arrives with a neoprene and embroidered nylon reel case. Extra spools are available for $237 and $250, respective to the model size. IGNITER_890_Handle Igniter Fast Action Rod These Made in the USA rods, feature KonneticHD Technology for ultra-fast action, high line speed taper with wind-cutting performance. Freshwater versions have a cocobolo wood insert with gunmetal anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat and Flor grade, snub-nosed, half-wells cork handle. The saltwater options have gunmetal anodized up-locking reel seats with integrated hidden hook keeper and Flor grad full-wells cork handle with an EVA fighting butt. All models have Fuji ceramic stripper guides and hard chromed snake guides and tip-top. A chipotle blank color is complemented with cayenne thread wraps with gunmetal trim wraps. True to all premium Sage rods, the IGNITER comes in 4-10 weights with a custom black rod bag with chipotle color model tag, a black powder coated aluminum rod tube, and a lifetime warranty. DART_Angle Dart Small Stream Rod The Dart is an awesome all around small stream rod for the Black Hills - take your creekin' to the next level! Konnetic HD materials combine with performance-friendly action to give the Made in the USA DART a competitive advantage to selective trout in creek environments. The sapling green blank with bronze thread wraps and gold trim wraps perfectly complement the Fuji ceramic stripper guides and ultra-light hard chromed snake guides and tip-top. A vera wood insert with bronze anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat is rounded out with a Super Plus snub-nose, half-wells cork handle. Available in 0-4 weights at 7’6” and a 3-weight model at 6’6” for extremely confined areas, these rods are lightweight and extremely precise. The DART comes with a custom tan rod bag with brown model tag, a Portobello powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion, and a lifetime warranty. SPECTRUM C_Black_Angle Spectrum C Reels The SPECTRUM C reel features a larger arbor with rugged yet lightweight die cast frame with a machined finish and a generous concave vented spool for strength and capacity. A powder coated surface protects from corrosion and wear. Equipped with the SPECTRUM family Sealed Carbon System drag package with One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings, this reel family also has a fully machined drag knob and handle. The SPECTRUM C comes in 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 sizes and retails for $150 for the smaller two models and $175 for the larger models. With black or grey color options, it arrives with a neoprene and embroidered nylon reel case. Extra spools are available for $80 and $90, respective to the model size. Redington Redington_Rod_BUTTER STICK_Group-880 Butter Stick II Rod The lightweight models in the new Butter Stick series are great small stream trout rods, and the larger 6 and 8 weight models are awesome big trout, warmwater, or light saltwater rods as well. These are some of the most fun rods we've cast in a long time! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to slow it down and just enjoy being out on the water. The new BUTTER STICK does just that. Built using T-Glass construction on our Heritage Taper, the BUTTER STICK is a slow action glass rod that will delicately present a fly even in the tightest of places. The retro cosmetics and slower action will make every day feel like throwback Thursday. Redington_Rod_DUALLY_Group 5110 Dually Spey Rod Looking to get into two handed fishing at a great price? Look no further than the Redington Dually! The original Dually proved that two hands are better than one, so the progression of this two-handed rod was simple. We lightened the overall rod weight, improved tip stability, and completely updated the handle, while still coming in at less than $300. Whether you’re wanting to be more efficient on your local trout stream or are in search of wild steelhead, the new Dually features rod weights and lengths to cover bodies of water from the Skeena to the MO and everything in between. Redington_Reel_GRANDE_Champagne_Back-Angle_7-8-9 Grande Fly Reel Welcome the new heavyweight champion. The GRANDE reel is a fully anodized, machined aluminum reel that features our new sealed SUPER-TORQUE carbon drag system that will KO any fish you hook. After years of field testing, we bulked up the GRANDE with an oversized palming rim, increased backing capacity, and designed an easy to locate handle and drag knob so you can make quick adjustments in the heat of the battle. Never stand down from a fight, regardless of the opponent. RIO FW_Creek_Render Creek Fly Line The Rio Creek line is designed for small creeks and streams with a taper design that loads at close range but has enough body and head length when a longer cast is needed. It is ideal for nymphs, dries and small streamers, and its supple, coldwater core provides tangle-free performance. RIO’s MaxFloat Tip ensures the line does not sink. Available in WF0-WF4F options in green/yellow coloration for $79.99. fd8b8070-ccdc-4799-97c4-30c2cad620ce Big Nasty Sink Tip The InTouch Big Nasty Sink Tip line is a multiple density sink tip line designed to cast large and heavy flies thanks to its front-loaded weight distribution and ultra-low stretch ConnectCore. The seamless blend of three or four densities ensures a smooth transition of energy when casting and the best depth control while fishing. It is available in float/hover/intermediate (F/H/I), float/hover/intermediate/sink 3 F/H/I/S3), and a float/intermediate/sink 3/sink 5 design (F/I/S3/S5). The different densities are designed to give anglers the option of fishing at different depths, with the F/H/I an ideal choice for fishing in the top two feet of the water column, the F/H/I/S3 a great line for fishing 2-4 feet in depth, and the F/I/S3/S5 being perfect for fishing between 4-8 feet in depth. Available in August for $99.99 SW_DirectCore_Bonefish_Render DirectCore Bonefish Line We fished the Flats Pro line in Mexico this spring, and it was awesome - The DirectCore Bonefish should be no exception! After the successful introduction of the DirectCore Flats Pro saltwater lines, RIO adds the DirectCore Bonefish line with a long head and rear taper for maximum casting versatility and a mid-length front taper to produce great turnover and easy presentation of typical bonefish flies. Available in WF6F through WF9F, this line retails for $119.99 in a sand/orange/blue colorway. RIO_Fly_Clips Twist Clips and Fly Clips RIO’s Fly Clips create a fast, easy connection to allow anglers to change flies quickly, and to prevent leaders and tippet sections from getting too short. There are two types available; RIO’s Fly Clips are simple clip-on/clip-off links that are good on smaller flies between sizes 4-16 (depending on clip size). The larger Twist Clips require a simple twist-on/twist-off operation and are ideal for bigger flies - these are going to be perfect for pike fishing. Multiple clip sizes of both styles ensure there is a clip size suitable for most fly sizes. Available in 10-packs in three sizes in black or bronze for $3.99 for the Fly Clips and $5.99 for the Twist Clips. RIO_Kahuna_LT Kahuna LT Indicator Anglers looking for a subtle strike indicator should look no further than the Kahuna LT. It is a highly sensitive, gentle presentation indicator made of a piece of high-floating fly line with the core removed. Break off the desired length and thread the leader through the tunnel. Each packet contains a simple wire threader to make this easier and come three to a pack in chartreuse, orange, and white in thick and thin options for $9.99.