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New G Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rods

Every few years a rod series comes out that blows us away, regardless of price - the new G Loomis IMX Pro series of fly rods are doing exactly that. Loomis really hasn't been on a lot of people's radar around our area for awhile, but that's quickly changing after folks give the IMX Pro a wiggle and a test cast. Each rod in the IMX Pro series has a distinct taper and action that's particularly suited to a certain style of fishing. These rods have a cool, classic Loomis finish and lettering on them that gives them a different look than many of the other rods out on the rod rack. Whether you're looking for a rod to fish little dries to picky fish or one to throw articulated streamers, there's an IMX Pro in the lineup that will fit the bill. 8'6" 4 Weight - This rod is an awesome all-around Black Hills rod. It's light enough that our average 8-14" small stream fish is fun, but has enough power that you can put a bobber and two nymphs and weight on and not feel under gunned. There's a time and place for really moderate action 4 weights, but the medium fast IMX Pro falls right into the sweet spot between too soft and super fast. The 4 weight is an awesome big river dry fly rod as well. If you wanted to have one rod to fish just about everything locally, this is an awesome choice. Shop 486-4 IMX Pro Fly Rod 9' 5 weight - Just about everyone that fly fishes has a 9' 5 weight in their arsenal if not two or three, and for good reason - if you're trout fishing, a 5 weight will do just about everything you need it to do, whether you're on a lake, river, or stream. The action on the 5 weight is pretty similar to the 4 weight, but a little faster and a little more powerful. This rod is easy to cast, and you can get pretty fast line speed with a relaxed tempo. Whether you're looking to upgrade your starter rod or just want to try something different, this is a do it all rod that is a ton of fun to fish! Shop 590-4 IMX Pro Fly Rod 9' 6 Weight - If you fish big rivers like the North Platte, Bighorn, or Missouri, the 9' 6 weight is the all around tool of choice. Big hoppers like a Chubby Chernobyl with a dropper? No problem. 3/4" Thingamabobber, 2 nymphs, and a couple split shot? Roll cast away. Want to put a sink tip on a dredge with streamers? This rod will do it. The 9' 6 weight is the perfect big river rod, and is a solid rod for fishing bigger, heavier rigs on smaller water as well. Perfect light streamer rod! Shop 690-4 IMX Pro Fly Rod 9'6" 6 Weight - If you want the ultimate nymph and streamer rod, this is it. Lots of power, with a little extra length. A touch softer through the middle, with a lot of power in the bottom section. This rod roll casts insanely well, and has the length to control and mend a lot of line. Ultimate big river trout rod. Shop 696-4 IMX Pro Fly Rod 9' 7 Weight -If you're a dedicated streamer angler, the 7 weight will handle any trout streamer you can throw at it. Super heavy sinking lines and big, bulky, articulated flies are where the 7 weight IMX Pro is right at home. Great lightweight warmwater rod as well, perfect for White Bass and Smallies. Shop 790-4 IMX Pro Fly Rod 9' 8 Weight - The biggest rod in the IMX Pro lineup. Awesome for all-around warmwater use. White Bass, Largemouth, Smallies, Pike, and Carp are all perfect targets for the 8 weight. Great rod for heavy duty trout fishing as well! The 8 is a good bet for lightweight saltwater fishing as well, especially average sized bonefish on the flats. Lots of power for casting big flies or fishing in windy conditions! Shop 890-4 IMX Pro Fly Rod The new G Loomis IMX Pro series of fly rods sets the bar pretty high, especially at the $495 price point! They give some rods at nearly twice the price a run for their money. Check them out on our webstore here, and give us a call or stop by if you have any questions or want to take one for a test drive! Ryan
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