Midge Patterns Video- Sipper Midge

Midge Patterns- Sipper Midge

Fly Tying Video- Sipper Midge

Our take on the bighorn river classic. Despite its simple tying procedure, this is a midge pattern that packs a punch. The Sipper Midge due to its slender profile is often more effective than more complicated midge patterns. Fish this for selective trout feeding on midge adults or even emerging midges. Tie this in several body colors- namely black, olive, grey, and cream. Fish this with just a bit of floatant rubbed onto the post and hackle. Don't put floatant on the abdomen of the fly. That allows the body of the fly to hang below the waters surface. Fly tying videos by Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitter. Dakota Angler & Outfitter is a full service fly shop located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Materials Materials Link: The Sipper Midge
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Happy Tying!
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