Iridescent Root Beer Midge Trout Fly Tying Video

Iridescent Root Beer Midge

& In our latest fly tying video, Ryan Gabert ties the Iridescent Root Beer Midge. This has been a hot fly this winter on Rapid Creek and Spearfish Creek. The Iridescent Root Beer midge has also been productive on recent trips to Montana's Bighorn River and the North Platte in Wyoming. Ryan likes to tie this fly with a tungsten bead to get down quickly, but it can also be tied with a glass bead, or with no bead at all should you want a lighter fly. Lighter versions of the root beer midge fish very well in the film and as a dropper behind a dry fly. The veevus iridescent thread makes tying this pattern very quick. Try other colors of the iridescent thread for this pattern to add some variety to your midge box. The Black Rainbow and Purple colors make killer looking midges. Olive, Red, and Black versions are very productive as well. For more information and a materials list visit-
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