IFTD 2019 Show Winners!

IFTD 2019 The International Fly Tackle Dealer Show was in Denver last week, and showcased all of the newest gear in the fly fishing and fly tying world - here's a few of our favorites that made the cut and won each respective category. There's no shortage of competition at IFTD, so when something wins, you know it's the best of the best. Simms G4 Pro Boot Simms' guide-quality G4 Pro wading boot provides the highest standard of fit, performance, and durability The G4 Pro wading boot was engineered from the ground up to be the highest performing wading boot ever built. The perfect combination of durability and agility, the G4 Pro will provide season after season of comfortable, sure-footed wading.
  • TPU overlays for added durability
  • Threaded, non-corrosive receptacles for easy insertion and removal of cleats
  • Molded protective toe cap
  • Low profile lace loops to reduce line-catch
Steelhead Fly Tying Steelhead Fly Tying Art And Design By Dec Hogan- Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design is an exhilarating breakthrough book written and photographed by Dec Hogan and Marty Howard. Hogan and Howard’s names and reputations are globally recognized as two of today’s most respected steelhead anglers and fly tiers. Their talent with pen and camera shine brightly in this massive tome with each turn of the page. This beautiful, colorful book gives detailed step-by-step instructions for 24 flies strategically selected by Dec and Marty to show a vast range of techniques and styles giving the reader knowledge to tie and endless array of fly patterns. The majority of the featured patterns are Hogan and Howard’s original, time-tested, proven favorites. Each fly includes an insightful story on how the authors developed, or came to know, the patterns. In addition to the hundreds of spectacular instructional photos the book features a gallery of flies that includes recipes and eye-popping photos for 55 gorgeous and highly effective patterns. Hareline Bling Rabbit Strips Hareline Bling Rabbit Strips Bling Rabbit Strips add a new dimension to the current product line of our rabbit strips, by adding solid and holographic accent colors to the hide. This idea is rooted in the fact that the underrated hide side of the strip should have its own voice. Adding bright Holographic and Fluorescent contrasting colors to the hide side of the strip adds a unique contrast that gives maximum attraction qualities. Bling Strips are not difficult to cast, and while eld testing these strips it was noted that the increased subtle stiffness in the hide provides a non-fouling attribute that added another positive check mark in its favor. You’re going to dig them! Check out Magnum Bling Rabbit Strips for your larger patterns. Amplitude-Smooth-Infinity Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Fly Line Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line combines the durability and slickness of the textured Amplitude series, but as the name implies this line is smooth rather than textured. The all new Infinity taper is extremely versatile. The Amplitude Smooth Infinity has the power to bomb out streamers, yet retains delicacy for dry flies. It mends like an absolute dream, and delivers flies at all distances. Built a half-size heavy, with a long head and substantial front taper, it’s perfect for everything from trout and panfish to pike and steelhead. Absolute Trout Tippet Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Tippet Absolute Tippet is made with proprietary copolymer blends that are designed to drastically reduce water absorption while maintaining an optimal suppleness for high knot strength. Absolute nylon leaders and tippet have a 29% higher wet knot strength compared to our previous material and up to 40% higher wet knot strength when compared to our competitors. Sage Trout LL Fly Rod Sage Trout LL Fly Rod Sage Trout LL Fly Rod- A fly rod for dry fly anglers and technical trout fishing. The classic Sage Light Line returns reinvigorated. With a delicate touch and medium action, the TROUT LL family has been designed with the trout angler and dry flies in mind. Through blank taper optimization and specialized length offerings, the TROUT LL is perfected for wade fishing, closer casts, small flies, and light tippets. A relatively supple tip maximizes light tippet protection and gives way to a smooth easy-loading mid-section that increases feel and feedback throughout the casting stroke. When the hatch is on, the TROUT LL is an angler’s best friend. Drawing inspiration from historic Sage rods of the past, the TROUT LL is a nod toward tradition with a classic appearance and a smooth casting taper, yet adds modern performance features in accuracy and loop control through the backbone of Konnetic HD blank material. The TROUT LL series is available in a combination of classic dry fly line weights and lengths 7’9” though 9’0” while beautiful wood inserts and premium components add an elegant touch to these high performance rods. Scott Sector Fly Rod Scott Sector Fly Rods Best of Show Winner! Scott's Premier Saltwater (and Warmwater) fly rod series incorporates the latest materials and rod building technology available. The result is a lighter, stronger rod, with more lifting power. More lifting power allows for longer line pick up and easier redirection of casts- this is a must when chasing fast moving saltwater species. Lifting power also aids in fighting strong powerful fish. The Sector fly rod series enhances Scotts ReAct technology with the all new Carbon Web technology. These enhancements make longer casts with better loop stability and tracking possible. Sector fly rods feature Flor Grade Cork Handles, Ceracoil stripping guides with nickel titanium frames and super slick Zirconia inserts, and Recoil nickel titanium snake guides. The guide sets are PVD coated in a low reflective coating for even greater durability and stealth. Sector rod reel seats are milled from aircraft grade aluminum and feature self-indexing slide hoods, extra deep knurling to easily turn lock rings with wet hands, type 3 mil-spec hard coat in non-reflective flat black, and line weight engravings for quick rod identification. sage trout spey hd Sage Trout Spey HD Fly Rod Trout Spey is now a common method for anglers searching for trout, so Sage introduced the TROUT SPEY HD to capitalize on technology tailored to Trout Spey lines in development and to make the cast effortless. “Featuring KonneticHD technology and a new fast-action, the TROUT SPEY HD series brings ease to lightweight Spey techniques,” said Sage R&D design engineer Peter Knox. “A more stable tip and smooth power transfer better handles Trout Spey specific lines for an improved casting experience.” Five models from 10’3” to 11’3” excel with a variety of Trout Spey lines currently offered in the 200-350 grain size range, and its action is designed for Skagit and Scandi style casting techniques with trout appropriate sized flies. The varied models in this family offer anglers more options to select appropriate sizes for each fishery (i.e. fly size, fish size, and environment), while the lengths allow closer retrievals of flies and fish as well as open opportunities in tighter quarters and the ability to cover water most effectively. The TROUT SPEY HD has a conifer blank color highlighted with Dijon primary thread wraps and tan trim wraps. The Vera wood insert with down-locking reel seat combines nicely with the super plus, full-wells cork handle with decorative composite accent rings and a composite cork fighting butt. The hard-chromed snake guides and tip top and tangle-free, Fuji ceramic stripper guides round out the features. Available in 1-4-weights in varying lengths, each model will come in a tan rod bag in a tactical green rod tube Featuring KonneticHD technology and a new fast action, the TROUT SPEY HD series of rods bring ease to lightweight spey techniques. Five rods from 10’3” to 11’3” excel with a variety of spey lines that are currently offered in 200-350gr sizes. The TROUT SPEY HD rods are primarily designed for spey casting as opposed to Switch rod style actions previously captured within Trout Spey category and features an action designed for skagit and scandi style casting techniques with trout appropriate sized flies. The TROUT SPEY HD action will improve upon the application with a more stable tip (a balance between stability and tippet protection) and a power adjustment to better handle Trout Spey specific lines currently on the market and the trend toward heavier lines. The added models in the series will give anglers more options to select appropriate sizes for their fishery (fly size, fish size, and environment), with a smaller 10’3” 3wt model designed to work well with the shorter spey heads that are extremely popular today. The two handed short-rod, short-head combination allows anglers to retrieve and fish flies much closer, opening up possibilities in tighter quarters and the ability to cover water more effectively. Simms G4Z Wader Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Wader Our most durable wader features a new, proprietary fabric from GORE-TEX® proven over 16,000 hours of field testing. Make the most of your time on the water: Head out in the most feature-laden, abrasion-, puncture- and tear-resistant wader made.
  • 3-layer Gore-Tex® Pro Shell upper / 4-layer Gore-Tex® Pro Shell lower for rugged durability in the water and on the trail
  • Patented baffled, compression-molded stockingfeet for enhanced comfort and improved boot fit/lace bite
  • Extended YKK waterproof zipper for quick relief and easy on/off
  • 2 zippered chest pockets with integrated retractor docking stations for strategic access to fishing essentials
  • Zippered, micro‐fleece lined handwarmer pockets for added storage and appreciated cold-weather reprieve
  • Built-in, lower profile GORE-TEX® belt loops for enhanced strength and durability
  • Adjustable spacer air-mesh suspender system with opposing
  • Duraflex buckles for waist-high conversion, now with a fabric suspender divider
  • Patented front & back leg seams for enhanced mobility and increased durability
  • Patented 2mm abrasion resistant built-in gravel guards Anatomically engineered stockingfeet
  • 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell upper
  • 4-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell lower and seat
infinity saltwater fly line Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Saltwater The Amplitude Smooth series of lines are, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional lines, this will change the way you look at fly line performance.

The Infinity Salt is technical, versatile, accurate and simply the most advanced saltwater line available. Featuring the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability the Infinity Salt will handle the most rigorous of conditions year after year. The Infinity Salt is a half line weight heavy to turn over any fly on even the windiest of days. The extended head length makes it more accurate then short shooting heads so that you can land your fly to spooky fish in the most efficient manner.

  • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
  • Made half size heavy turns over large flies on windy days
  • Extended head length for accuracy at distance
  • High-contrast sighter to identify the back of the line when fighting fish on long runs
  • Tropi-Core technology remains stiff and slick in tropical environments