ice queen caddis tying video

Ice Queen Caddis Tying Video

Ice Queen Caddis Tying Video

The Ice Queen Caddis utilizes the Polish weave. This technique takes a bit of practice, but after a few flies you will have the hang of it. It was a bit of a challenge filming this video, getting the weave to come out ok with the camera between me and the vise was tricky! Anyway, this fly has worked well for me and is worth trying in several color combinations. Happy Tying!

Materials List

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  • Hook: Umpqua Competition Hooks CB300BL size 8-14
  • Bead: Spirit River Tungsten Bead sized to match hook
  • Thread: UTC 70 Denier
  • Tail: Antron Yarn
  • Abdomen:Hareline Midge Diamond Braid Dun Grey and Chartreuse
  • Thorax: Hareline Ice Dubbing Peacock Black
  • Ribbing: Ultra Wire Silver BR
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