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Hatch Nippers - Why You Need a Great Nipper!

Hatch Nippers - The best you can get! Hatch Nippers - The best you can get!
If there's one thing you use a lot when you're out fly fishing, it's your nippers! There's nothing more frustrating than when you go to trim the tag off your fly or tippet knot and you have to find the 'sweet spot' that's left on the blades of your nippers. In an average day of guiding, I use my nippers at least 100 times, and much more on many days, so I want something that's going to cut the same way, every time. If you want the absolute best nipper that money can buy, the Hatch Nipper is for you. USA made, and surgically sharp! If you think about how often you use a nipper in an average day of fishing, it makes sense to invest in a great, bulletproof pair!
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