tungsten green weenie midge fly pattern video fly tying

Green Weenie Tungsten Midge- Fly Tying Video

Tungsten Green Weenie Midge with Veevus Body Quills

tungsten green weenie midge fly pattern video fly tying

A suped up version of the Green Weenie midge. Dave Gamet began tying a version of the pattern popularized on the Bighorn River. He was out-fishing us frequently and finally shared the pattern. His version has a tungsten bead and flash. I added the Veevus Body quill for a bit more translucence. Either way it is a deadly pattern here in the Black Hills and on tailwaters like the Bighorn.

This pattern is called the Green Weenie because it uses an olive green body, however this pattern is worth tying in other colors. I had good luck with red, tan, and golden yellow versions. Tan would be another great color. I tie this pattern in sizes 16-18 for most of my fishing. If fish are picky it doesn't hurt to have some size 20 or 22s.

Tungsten Green Weenie Midge Materials:

  • Hook: Tiemco 2487 or 2457 or Daiichi 1130 or 1120 size 16-22
  • Bead: Tungsten Bead Black Nickel sized to match
  • Thread: White or Cream 70 Denier UTC Ultra Thread
  • Abdomen: Olive or Light Olive Veevus Body Quills
  • Rib: Pearl Mylar Tinsel
  • Thorax. Olive 70 Denier UTC Ultra Thread
  • UV resin to coat finished fly

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