Foam Backed Humpy Fly Tying Video

Foam Backed Humpy Fly Tying Video The Foam Backed Humpy is a twist on the classic dry fly pattern.

Tying the Foam Backed Humpy

The humpy is a classic dry fly pattern. This version of the humpy has a couple of modern editions- a foam back and midge diamond braid body. Working with the deer hair takes a bit of practice, but the addition of the foam back makes the fly easier to tie than the classic. This humpy is more durable and it floats better too! The added flash from the midge diamond braid amps up the attractor factor.

Foam Backed Humpy Fly Tying Materials

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  • Hook:Standard Dry Fly - Tiemco 100 or Daiichi 1100
  • Thread: 140 Denier UTC Tan
  • Wing/Tail:Nature's Spirit Humpy Deer Hair
  • Back:2mm Tan Foam
  • Body:Midge Diamond Braid Chartreuse
  • Hackle:Whiting Brown Saddle Hackle