CDC Thorax Dun

Fly Tying with Hans- CDC Thorax Dun

Tying the CDC Thorax Dun

This video shows how to tie the CDC Thorax Dun in the style of Rene Harrop. This is a versatile pattern that can be tied in several sizes and colors to match many mayfly species. The coloration in this video matches that of a Blue Winged Olive or Baetis Mayfly.

CDC Thorax Dun Fly Tying Materials

  • Hook: Daiichi 1100 or Tiemco 100 Dry Fly Hook size 14-22
  • Thread: 70 Denier Ultra Thread
  • Wing: Natural Dun CDC (Cul de Canard)
  • Tail: Coq de Leon Fibers
  • Abdomen: Turkey Biot dyed to match natural
  • Legs/Hackle: Dun Dry Fly Hackle
  • Thorax: Nature's Spirit Fine Natural Dubbing
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