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We're going to start something new, and supplement our fly tying videos with blog posts about the materials they feature! With all of the new, innovative materials that are coming out, we think it will be beneficial to explain a bit about the materials. How they work, what you do to use them, and applications that we think are cool for each material will be highlighted in each post. Enrico Puglisi's EP Brushes are one of our new favorite materials, and they have many uses, especially for saltwater flies and streamers. Many tiers have made their own dubbing brushes for using on larger flies, and found it to be a bit of a headache at times. EP Brushes are pre-made dubbing brushes, that come in a variety of materials and sizes for use on a multitude of flies. Craft Fur, Fox, Flash, Rubber Legs, and combinations of these are all available in an easy to use dubbing brush. They come in 6 Brushes per pack, and you can tie a number of flies out of one package - they're super handy, and make tying flies with dubbing brushes a piece of cake! Here's a link to the different styles - EP Brushes
EP Foxy Brushes EP Foxy Brushes
The Home Invader streamer pattern has always been one of my favorite patterns, but the original recipe was a bit of a pain to tie. One of the first uses I thought of when I saw the EP Foxy Brushes was to use it for a bit of a quasi fox wing/head on a Home Invader. It's proven itself to be a reliable streamer pattern that has earned it's place in my box, and seems to always be good for a few really nice fish each trip out. Here's the video of the EP Home Invader for your viewing pleasure! Tie up a few EP Home Invaders - you'll be pleasantly surprised with how well they work, as well as how fun they are to tie! Stop by the shop and browse our extensive selection of EP Brushes, and grab a few of them to play around with. Thanks for reading! Ryan
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