Dakota Angler Custom Flies

When we're all out guiding every day in the summer, we're always experimenting with dozens of different flies that are fresh off our vises. After a few weeks or months, a few of them make their way to the top of the pile and earn more or less permanent spots in our fly boxes. We've been big fans of the different jig flies for a couple years now, and we adapted a few of our old standbys to the jig-style as well as cranking out a couple new patterns as well! The Boat Anchor Scud is a solid all-around bet that we've caught fish on just about everywhere we've fished it. It's a very heavy fly, and we like it for it's weight. You oftentimes won't have to use any additional split shot or weight on your leader when you're using the Boat Anchor. We had one of our old favorites, the Klinkhamer Special, tied up to our specifications as well. Some of the commercially tied ones were a bit too bulky for us, and these ones turned out exceptionally well! This is one of the best dry flies ever concocted, and it's my go-to dry fly in a dry-dropper rig. Come by and check out some of the freshest patterns in the Black Hills. The trout dig them! Ryan
Klinkhamer Special - the most versatile dry fly around! Klinkhamer Special - the most versatile dry fly around!