Crazy Legged Gotcha Bonefish Fly Pattern

Crazy Legged Gotcha

Fly Tying with Hans Crazy Legged Gotcha

Hans from Dakota Angler & Outfitter ties a Rubber Legged Gotcha, a staple in many bonefish fly boxes, and also a great carp fly that I have used with great success in our streams and rivers for carp.
Crazy Legged Gotcha Bonefish Fly Pattern The Gotcha is one of the most effective bonefish fly patterns in the world. This version, with a crazy legs (aka sili legs, loco legs), was my top fly in my 2013 trip to the Bahamas.


Hook: Mustad 34007, Daiichi 2546

Thread: Danville Flymaster Pink, or UTC 140 denier Fl. Shell Pink

Eyes: Beadchain

Tail: Crazy Legs, Loco Legs, or Sili Legs

Body/Abdomen: PearlDiamond Braid or Flat Braid

Wing: Craft Fur or Polar Fibre or Psuedo Hair

Flash: Krystal Flash Pearl or Bonefish Tan

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