Christmas Holiday Fly Fishing Collection 2017

During the holiday season, we're often asked the question of what to get fly-fishing family members for a gift. It can be a tough question to answer, mostly because every person has varying amounts of gear and different uses. That being said, we've put together a few dozen different gift ideas that we think cover a broad spectrum of flyfisher folks needs and wants - everything from a few of our old favorites to some new products that we think are awesome! SMHAEN Bobbin SMHAEN Bobbins - These are the Rolls Royce of fly tying bobbins if you want the best in fly tying tools, these are it. Comes in two sizes to cover a wide range of tying needs, as well as the best adjustable thread tension system on the market. Perfect for the avid tier that has most of the other tools and equipment they need. Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder - Before the Headgate came out, I never had a tippet holder that I liked. They were either hard to change spools, bound up when trying to get tippet off, or they didn't last. The Headgate Tippet Holder is the best there is - the spring-loaded hinge design allows an angler to easily add, remove and carry most tippet spools with these. Just clip it on somewhere close and forget about the days of fishing through your waders, vest, or pack searching for those loose spools. Dropped your nippers on the hike in? Not to worry, the Fishpond Headgate also features a built-in cutting blade for ultimate convenience. Simms Exstream Foldover Mitt - Great gift idea that will keep your favorite angler fishing through the winter! Shake hands with abysmal autumnal weather and stay toasty in the process thanks to Simms’ new Exstream™ Foldover Mitt. Formulated for fishing through the surly stuff, mitts feature Polartec® Powershield Pro™ for potent water resistance and high-loft insulation, while DWR-coated stretch fleece fabric puts unmatched warmth-to-weight performance and dexterity in the palm of your paws. When it’s time to tie knots, or punch keys to access weather apps, mitts snap to the back—giving fingers freedom to wander. Echo Carbon XL Fly Rod - One of our best selling rods! Has a fantastic feel, lifetime warranty, and comes with a case as well. For $149, these rods are hard to beat at twice the price. Perfect for the beginning angler, or as a step up from an entry level starter kit. The 8'4" 4 weight is a perfect Black Hills rod! InTouch RIO Gold Fly Line - Many anglers are fishing with lines that either aren't a correct fit for their rod, or are just plain worn out. The RIO Gold is one of our all-time favorite fly lines that just flat out works great! The InTouch RIO Gold fly line is based on RIO’s popular trout line, the RIO Gold but built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for enhanced casting control, increased sensitivity and lightning fast hook sets. In addition, the line features RIO’s triple colored SureFire Technology; a line coloring system that helps anglers improve casting accuracy and distance control c2003_renzetti_pedistal_large Renzetti Traveler Vise - The Renzetti Traveler is our most popular vise, and for good reason - you can tie the vast majority of flies with it, from pike streamers to tiny trout dries. The rotary function is great for both rotary tying as well as looking at the other side of your fly. Made in the USA, with high quality cam jaw that boasts easy adjustment and secure hook holding power for both the smallest and largest of hooks. This is the best investment a beginning tier can make - a quality piece of equipment that they're not going to 'outgrow' in a few months or years. We have a lot of customers of the shop that have been tying on a Traveler for many years! Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Fly Lines - The Sonar Titan series of fly lines have quickly become our favorite series of fly lines for pike fishing! Scientific Anglers took one of their most popular tapers, the Titan, drenched it in various mixtures of tungsten powder, and created a triple-density sinking fly line that will absolutely change the way you fish streamers forever. This is a fully tapered sinking line, so it casts like a floater, but provides a straight-line sinking connection to your streamer. Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor - If most anglers are anything like us, you're always losing nippers and various other tools due to having a cheap retractor that wears out quickly. The new Fishpond Retractor features a solid connection, and a split ring on the business end to make sure that whatever you have attached to it stays put. Great stocking stuffer! Sage Spectrum LT Reel - Sage's newest reel offering, the Spectrum LT is a fantastic reel for the trout fly fisher looking to upgrade! The Sage Spectrum LT Fly Reel brings a sophisticated, high-performance drag system to an ultra light rigid frame. The Spectrum LT Reel features the One Revolution Drag Knob. This hallmark of Sage Fly Reels offers quick and precise drag settings. Loon UV Bench Light - UV Resins have been one of the biggest advancements in fly tying in the last decade, and are becoming increasingly popular. A good UV light is crucial to properly curing the UV Resin, and the price is right on the Loon UV Bench Light! This powerful UV light is perfect for curing UV resins. A push button on/off and a powerful beam makes quick work of curing UV resin so you can tie more and fish more. BTKA_1506098321619799_4f0017f25b5649310221c5edf94184_large Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout Fly Line - If you're shopping for the fly fisher that has everything, why not get them the best fly line on the market? This is a gift that the vast majority of folks won't buy themselves, but will enjoy for years to come. Fly fishing for trout has never been so smooth, especially with a triple-textured line. Featuring unparalleled AST Plus slickness additive, the Amplitude Trout is slicker than any trout taper ever made, and will last over 8 times longer than other lines on the market. Redington Rise III Reel - The Redington Rise reel has been around for a while now, but the newest version is far and away the best they've come out with yet. These reels are fully machined, and come in a full range of sizes and cool colors! These are great upgrade from a cast fly reel that many folks start with. Scott Flex Fly Rod - The Scott Flex Fly Rods are super light, effortless to cast, and extremely forgiving, and they let you focus on fishing better, rather than thinking about casting. These are a great step up for someone that bought an entry level fly rod, and is looking to get into something considerably nicer at a price that's not going to break the bank. Fishpond QuikShot Rod Holder - These are perfect for the saltwater angler that wants to carry multiple rods for when different situations arise. Walking the flats for bonefish and come across a tailing Permit? No problem, swap your rods out in a few seconds and get to work. The first rod holder on the market that securely holds your spare rod! Has mounting points that attach to Fishpond bags and packs. Fishpond Burrito Wader Bag - Great for keeping your wet waders in when you're on a fishing trip, as well as storing gear while you're traveling to or from your destination. BTKA_1502153053846893_a207fca833f5fb6172b7746b80405a_large Sage Spectrum Fly Reel - Great upgrade from a starter reel! Modeled after the popular 4200 series, the fully machined SPECTRUM is a true large arbor performance fly reel. With concave spool surface, for optimal line capacity and drag-assisting smoothness, the SPECTRUM is lightweight, extremely durable, and packed with features you’d expect on higher priced reels. Simms Winbloc Hat and Windbloc Beanie - Polarfleece lining for those chilly days on the river! Sage Foundation Fly Rod & Outfit - New for 2017, the Sage Foundation has redefined what it means to be an entry level USA made fly rod! Equipped with a high-performance blank (Graphite IIIe), the FOUNDATION has a fast action providing excellent casting power and effortless control. It’s the very foundation of what defines a Sage rod – Performance - taking your game to another level. The outfit comes with a RIO Gold fly line, and a Sage 2200 series fly reel. Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag - Perfect for folks that fish out of a boat frequently, but also these bags also make fantastic storage for fly boxes, reels, etc. From the top, a PU embossed, compression molded lid is smash, water, and foolproof thanks to a magnetized, adjustable Catch & Release latch. Durable 420D nylon waterproof fabric, with impenetrable RF-welded seams, keeps extra reels, lines, leaders, tippets, and more dry inside, while a detachable shoulder strap doubles as a convenient bag leash for rough water. Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods - Orvis' newest offerning, the Helios 3 rods offer unparalleled feel, accuracy, and fishablity. Helios 3F and 3D each offer uncompromising purpose. 3F is accuracy with finesse, a dry fly angler's dream. 3D is accuracy with power at distance for pinpoint delivery of larger flies. The difference is taper and stiffness, but the design foundation of accuracy remains constant. To play the game at its highest level there can be no compromise and for every angler the H3 is the pinnacle of purpose, designed to master the moment and meet the demands of accuracy on a spring creek with a 3F or a tarpon flat with a 3D. BTKA_15107883843655446_67f074a892bb4e54e73b3e5d285f63_large Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody - The Patagonia Nano Puff series of jackets are legendary, and the newest version is equally awesome. Lightweight, packable, durable, and surprisingly warm! Built for fishing all day in cold weather, the warm Tough Puff Hoody has a stretchy and durable face fabric combined with highly breathable insulation for performance, comfort and freedom of movement. Loon UV Fly Tying Kit - UV Resins are one of the biggest advancements in fly tying world, and for good reason - they make stinky, messy epoxies and glues a thing of the past. Many folks that haven't used UV tying materials can be a bit intimidated by them. The Loon UV Fly Tying kit comes with everything you need to tie most styles of flies, as well as a Loon UV Bench light used to cure the resins. Perfect gift for the fly tier in your life! BTKA_15108622661651037_fc7d0f9e2d11f3dbd494321366ee7b_large Loon UV Infiniti Light - This is one of the best UV lights on the market, hands down. Cures UV Resins in seconds, and comes with a cool USB charging port that allows you to charge it using any cell phone wall charger. The UV Infiniti Light is the most powerful, most environmentally friendly light ever offered, and is a great upgrade from a starter light! G Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rod - The new IMX Pro series of fly rods are awesome mid-priced rods that cast and fish like some rods that are twice the price! Built to the unrelenting specifications of professional fishing guides, the IMX-PRO series is comprised of 15 purpose driven designs to meet the performance demands of modern freshwater fishing. Striking the ultimate balance of handsome appointments, positive feel, and unflinching durability, IMX-PRO is a game-changing addition to the serious angler's quiver. Simms G3 Guide Waders and Simms G3 Pants - The Simms G3 series of waders are the pinnacle that all other waders are judges against. These are the best waders on the market, hands down. We all wear these at the shop, and for good reason - they're the most comfortable, and last the longest. Completely re-engineered for 2018. The latest G3 Guide Waders feature a new Gore-Tex 4 Layer fabric. The new fabric technology increases breathability and durability. Regardless of the season, the new G3 Guide Waders will keep you dry and comfortable. Made in the USA. Each pair of Simms G3 Guide Waders is hand made in Bozeman, Montana. Redington Path II Outfit - These are perfect for the beginning angler that wants to get into flyfishing and wants quality gear, but doesn't want to break the bank. The new Redington PATH II rod is a smooth-casting, medium-fast action graphite fly rod, offering classic performance for all levels of anglers. Rods through 6 weight have a half-wells handle with a wood reel seat for a classic look and feel, and 7 weights and above feature a full-wells grip with anodized aluminum reel seat that is ready for salt or fresh water conditions. Lifetime warranty, and comes with a rod/reel case. Ready to fish right out of the box with Path II rod, Crosswater reel, RIO Mainstream fly line, and leader! That wraps it up for the 2017 edition of Christmas gift ideas from your friends at Dakota Angler & Outfitter. As always, feel free to give us a call, shoot us an email, or swing by the shop if you have any questions at all. Happy Holidays!