Christmas Eve Fishing Report

The weather is supposed to be a balmy 34 degrees today! Show your Christmas spirit by going out and teasing a few trout. Streamers have been my go to lately, fished on a fairly light RIO Versileader. With the lower flows, I've been using a 7ft 3-4ips, but adjust as needed depending on the water and flies you're throwing. Lil' Kims, Home Invaders, and Kreelexes have been keeping the fish interested for me. For the non-streamer crowd, nymphing and dries have been fishing great! There's a small midge hatch in town, but you can hit it pretty reliably between 11-1 or so. Dry-dropper rigs with a Root Beer Midge trailer have been catching a lot of fish, especially when fished in the shin-deep riffle water. If you're nymphing, I'd put a jig of some variety as a lead fly, trailed by a midge of your favorite flavor. The fishing is great, the flows are good, and the weather is pretty dark good for December - get out and throw a few around! We'll be closed tomorrow, but back at it at 9 on Saturday for your Black Hills fly fishing needs. Merry Christmas! Ryan