Outcast Boats in Stock!

We recently got a shipment of Outcast boats in stock for all of your stillwater and river fishing needs! With the higher water we've had this spring, a lot of folks have been lake fishing around the Black Hills, as well as for warmwater species around western South Dakota as well. The Outcast boats we got in are a great, inexpensive way to get out on the water where the fish are! We often forget how good the lake fishing is around the Hills with the abundance of trout streams we have. There are a ton of small lakes that are all excellent, spread out throughout the Black Hills - Roubaix, Sylvan, Center, Legion, Bismarck, Iron Creek, Coxes, and Mirror Lakes are all great still water trout fisheries. All of the larger lakes have great numbers of trout as well - Pactola, Sheridan, and Deerfield are all fantastic places to go. In a year like we've had so far this season, it's nice to have another option for when the streams are on the high side. While most of the streams locally are down considerably now, there's still plenty of great lake fishing to be had! You can fish all of the lakes from shore, but getting out from the shore enables you to be more mobile, cast further, and not be limited to the first 30-50 feet from the shoreline. Trout in a lake can be just about anywhere, so opening up the area you can fish is a big advantage. We have a couple different options we just got in from Outcast Boats to get you out on the water! Fish Cat 4 The Fish Cat 4 is an awesome, inexpensive way to get yourself out there without breaking the bank at $239. While you can't go really far with this style of craft, they are super light and easy to transport. Kick yourself around the lake and catch more fish! Outcast Commander If you want a boat for both lakes and rivers, the Outcast Commander is the way to go. The oars enable you to go further faster, as well as having an open floor to use fins if you're fishing lakes and want to control yourself more effectively. This is a river-worthy boat as well, and is perfect to transport yourself on a solo trip. Here's what Outcast has to say about it - The OSG Commander can get you to those tough-access fishing holes on both still and moving water. It features an open cockpit for fin kicking, oars that stow away for casting, plenty of room in the back for gear, a comfortable seat, and IGS sleeves on both sides to attached pockets and rod holder mounts. At $999, this is the least expensive one man 'driftboat' you can buy! Branch out this year - try some stillwater trout fishing and warmwater fishing!