Black Hills Pike Fishing Is Still Great!

We've been chasing Pike over the past few weeks at Pactola, and we've been finding some fish! The fish we have been finding have been a little deeper than they were a few weeks ago - most of them seem to be in the neighborhood of 6-10 feet. An intermediate sink tip has been my line of choice lately, but a heavier fly on a floating line will get the job done as well. Here's a few pictures of some Pike over the last couple weeks!
Bass eat Pike flies too! Bass eat Pike flies too!
Some of our flies of choice have been large, Murdich Minnow style flies. Black, orange, and chartreuse have seen the most action as of late, but I don't know that the particular fly is that important. Just have a few flies in different colors, sizes, and weights and you'll find some willing fish. For bite tippet, we've been shying away from wire and using 60-80 pound saltwater fluorocarbon. It's plenty tough for even the toothiest of pike, and you get a significantly higher number of strikes and follows. I'm a big believer in fluoro instead of wire. The pike fly fishing looks like it's going to extend into early July, and possibly even longer than that - come by the shop and we can get you set up with some of the right flies, bite tippet, and show you some areas to check out! We also have several boats and guides available if you'd like to chase Pike with one of our guides. Shoot us an email or give us a call at 605-341-2450 and we can get it set up! Ryan